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TEL: 978-673-8017


TEL: 978-673-8017


TEL: 978-673-8017


We Offer

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation services for every situation with a focus on your understanding of current and future tax laws.     


Professional Bookkeeping

From simple data entry, to detailed sales and cost tracking, even training and advice. Whatever your needs may be, at a reasonable honest rate.  

Tax Planning

In today's ever-changing world, it is imperative to have an understanding of what the future may hold for you and your family. I want to ensure you are aware and ready for your tax future.

With Over 10 Years of Experience, Knowledge and Expertise I will strive to Provide Honest, Professional and Accurate Service with the Utmost Attention to Detail

"My success is linked to the trust of my most important assets; my clients. Without your trust and understanding all of the money in the World means nothing"

Matthew S. Doucette


Doucette Tax & Accounting LLC

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